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September 2nd, 2023

Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness Day

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This is a gentle day, a gift to your self of care. A day of curiosity, reflection and rest.

When we think of wellness we are reminded of its many different components, among them, the physical, psychological and spiritual.

Sometimes these three elements of wellness can be seen as separate entities, cut off from one another.  They are in fact interconnected and work in harmony, when we allow them, leading to greater wellness.

On this day, we will draw together, the Somatic (Body), Psychological (Mental and Emotional),) and Spiritual.

This will be a practical, taster day, of awareness-building and self care, where we befriend, sooth and nurture our nervous system through the body and integrate this into our understanding of our selves as spiritual beings.

  • We begin the day with a simplified map of how the thinking and feeling brain develops.
  • We will take a look at the impact of this on our nervous system and on how we grow and develop as humans.
  • We will explore how we position ourselves in relation to the world and others through the core beliefs we hold about ourselves.
  • We will apply some practical tools and exercises throughout the day, including mindfulness and self-compassion.
  • These exercises will help us to notice distress in our minds and bodies, help us to regulate this and re-enforce positive core beliefs.
  • We will explore how we can weave this awareness into our own spiritual lives, creating a spiritual wellness map.


Michael Dillon, is the Director at Ballyvaloo Centre, he is a psychotherapist by training with specialist training in Trauma work and is a certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist. In the past he has worked with the MEND programme (Domestic Violence Intervention Programme in the South East) for over 10 years, as a therapist with the HSE in Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC),the Self Harm Intervention Programme (SHIP) and more recently as manager of The Ford Counselling Centre.  Spirituality has always been core to his life.


Hosted by: Michael Dillon. Cost: €40

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