10 October, 2022

We are not alone. Connecting with our own heart and the hearts of others. A soothing time for all.

December 16th to 18th 2022

Finding a space within and around us to land safely, slow right down and find calm as we move into what can be a mad rush towards Christmas day.  Christmas for some can be a lonely, isolating and disappointing time or for others a time of frenzy and overwhelm with high, unmet expectations and for others still, a time of great excitement, joy and celebration.

This is an opportunity to let go of the internal noise, connect with our own hearts and the hearts of others, self-regulate and with balance and harmony celebrate the now and feel reconnected and ready to be present to whatever Christmas brings. (For all faiths and none)

Please bring

A notebook in case we need to write.

A blanket/fleece in case we need to wrap up.

A yoga mat or blanket to lie on (we will not be practising yoga).

Commencing with tea at 6pm on Friday evening and ending with lunch on Sunday at 1pm.