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Magnificently situated overlooking the Irish Sea, Ballyvaloo Centre is the ideal place to take time out from the stresses and pressures of modern living. The long beach frontage, rolling terrain, mature trees and farmland surroundings help to create a tranquil ambience for prayer, reflection and relaxation away from the incessant distractions of everyday life.

The Centre is an ideal setting for Retreats – both scheduled and private, Rest and Relaxation Breaks, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars and Day or Weekend Courses.

Above all, the Centre offers an oasis of peace from today’s all too busy world.

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Where are you God? Joyce Rupp

God, after all the time we’ve spent together,
I never thought it would come to this-
an immense chasm carved between us,
holding the empty echoes of my prayer.
Only a tiny voice remains of my
worn-out cries, longing for you.
Where are you God, when...

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