“Ballyvaloo is a magnificent space, house, grounds and of course the beach. What a wonderful opportunity to take time out to deepen the faith journey.”

“Accommodation and food are excellent. Heaven located on earth I think. Staff wonderful, help when needed and respect for privacy. Gods spirit sweeps over this entire place, thank you all.”

“The accommodation was of a very high standard. The peace and tranquillity of Ballyvaloo is exceptional, a piece of heaven in a noisy world. It is so easy to forget the worries of life in the beauty and quiet of such a relaxing place. ”

“Five Star, great welcome, attentive service, caring staff: Hospitality in action.”

“Rest & Relaxation was all it could be and prepared me for a wonderful retreat which was an experience of depth and enlightenment. The whole atmosphere breathes peace. The staff are kind and courteous.”