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September 24th - 29th, 2023

A Journey to Presence

Building Compassion Satisfaction, preventing Compassion Fatigue. Workshop

A five day (Sunday evening to lunch on Friday) residential programme for therapists to build the skills for rest, resilience and recovery, both in their professional practice and in their lives outside their practice. ( 30 hours CPD contact)

 What to expect

Every day we will have a mixture of

  1. Psychoeducation input.
  2. Experiential practice through movement improvisation, body work and verbal sharing.  (Exploring and understanding Kinaesthetic empathy and Somatic, Countertransference, and building Somatic resources).
  3. Reflection on this through a variety of mindfulness exercises and journaling.
  4. The venue and location of Ballyvaloo will provide therapists with an opportunity for nurture, connection and rest.

 You will

  1. Gain awareness of your action tendencies around Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion Fatigue.
  2. Gain practical skills for increasing Compassion Satisfaction and reducing Compassion Fatigue (mapping a way forward).
  3. Reduce isolation in your therapy work and build a network of support.
  4. Learn how to rest in the soothing system of the brain.


Marko Punkanen, PhD., is a Finnish music therapist, dance/movement therapist, psychotherapist, psychotherapy trainer, certified sensorimotor psychotherapist and trainer. He has over 20 years experience in the treatment of severe traumatisation. His specialist area is in the treatment of complex and attachment trauma, the bodily symptoms of trauma (somatoform dissociation) and the use of the body in trauma treatment.

Michael Dillon, is the Director at Ballyvaloo, he is a psychotherapist by training with specialist training in Trauma work and is a certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist. In the past he has worked with the MEND programme (Domestic Violence Intervention Programme in the South East) for over 10 years, as a therapist with the HSE in Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC) ,the Self Harm Intervention Programme (SHIP) and more recently as manager of The Ford Counselling Centre.  Spirituality has always been core to his life.

Hosted by: Dr Marko Punkanen and Michael Dillon. Cost: €700

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