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June 1st, 2024

Mind, Body, Spirit Earth Wellness Day

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This is a gentle day, a gift to yourself of care. A day of curiosity, reflection and rest. On this day, we will draw together, the Somatic (Body), Psychological (Mental and Emotional), and  Spiritual and explore how connection with our Earth unites all three.

“For 245 million years, and for 99.999 percent of the 66 million years since, God was happy to have a good universe that included neither a single human nor a single religion, but lots and lots and lots of reptiles….For humans to make sense to ourselves, I think we’re going to have to rediscover our kinship with the reptiles—and the fish, insects, birds, mammals, and palo santo trees—with which we share the world.…”Brian D. McLaren, The Galápagos Islands: A Spiritual Journey 


Michael Dillon, is the Director at Ballyvaloo Centre, he is a psychotherapist by training with specialist training in Trauma work and is a certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist. In the past he has worked with the MEND programme (Domestic Violence Intervention Programme in the South East) for over 10 years, as a therapist with the HSE in Counselling in Primary Care (CIPC),the Self Harm Intervention Programme (SHIP) and more recently as manager of The Ford Counselling Centre.  Spirituality has always been core to his life.


Hosted by: Michael Dillon. Cost: €50

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for Mind, Body, Spirit Earth Wellness Day on 01 Jun, 2024